Roasted eggplant
with tahini and lentils salad
Beet root and endive leaves salad
Iceberg lettuce salad
with parmesan cheese, onion, red cabbage, dry cranberries, pumpkin seeds, sherry vinaigrette
Fish Carpaccio
+20 ₪
with feta cheese reddish and onion

Main Dishes

"ADAMA" gnocchi
69 ₪
with porcini mushroom
Freaky wheat casserole with root vegetables
69 ₪
Chicken liver with wine sauce and potato pure
79 ₪
Chicken breast
79 ₪
specially grilled with baked potatoes' and squash
Salmon fillet
89 ₪
served with potatoes puree and rivion milk sauce
Angus rib steak 250gr
119 ₪
House bread
18 ₪
30 ₪