First course

Chestnut cream soup
46 ₪
Roasted eggplant
46 ₪
with/wo minced meat and lentils
Beef Carpaccio
42 ₪
roasted artichoke, reddish, rocket, balsamic and parmesan
Beet root salad with Endive leaves
46 ₪
almonds, dried cranberries, green and purple onion, blue cheese and date honey vinaigrette
Iceberg lettuce salad
46 ₪
with purple cabbage, pickled onion, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, vinaigrette sauce
46 ₪
with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, onion, calamata olives, mint, parsley, feta cheese and almonds blend
Cherry tomato salad
42 ₪
with calamata olives, radish, Basil sprouts on black Tahini spread
House bread with spread of the day
18 ₪

Intermediate dishes

52 ₪
stuffed with mascarpone cheese and kale (black cabbage)
Grilled Calamari on seasoned Labane' cheese
62 ₪
with grilled onions, grilled cherry tomatoes

Main dish

Freaky wheat casserole
68 ₪
with roasted vegetables, pine nuts and parsley pesto
"ADAMA" gnocchi
68 ₪
with mushrooms, truffle oil and parmesan
Chicken breast
82 ₪
baked in stone stove with baked potatoes' and sweet potatoes, with brown chicken stock
Salmon fillet
97 ₪
in aromatic spices crust, with leaves tapanad, yogurt with paprika oil, served with potato puree
Whole baked Sea-bass in parsley pesto with
116 ₪
roasted carrot and zucchini served with wheat risotto
Strozzapreti pasta with Shrimps
88 ₪
Mussels, anis butter, lamb bacon, tumeric, anise and lemon panko (bread crumbs)
Beef stew
105 ₪
served with wheat, vegetables, almonds and lamb bacon
Rib steak
128 ₪
300gr served with potato crunch or pure, wine sauce and grilled onions
New-york strip steak
166 ₪
450gr served with potato crunch or pure, wine sauce and grilled onions


Chocolate mousse with pistachio and chocolate crust
42 ₪
Sorbet 4 flavors /one scoop.
9/ 36 ₪
Apple crumble with ice cream
38 ₪
mascarpone mousse on nougat crumble
42 ₪
Semifredo cafe balls with chocolate cremo and tofy
42 ₪

Children meal- 56 NIS

Pasta Pene with tomatoes' or cream sauce/ hamburger "Adama kid"/ schnitzel
with puree or baked potatoes
Orange or lemon juice


Stella draft 1/3 1/2
24/ 34 ₪
26 ₪
Leffe blond/brown
26 ₪
28 ₪
somersby apple
24 ₪
Alexander brown/ blond
26 ₪